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The 'creator of sorrow' (paka-mahlomola) in this case, is the Mohokare or Caldeon River. This is the river that separates Lesotho from South Africa, a long river whose source is in very high mountains in east Lesotho and which then meanders for hundreds of kilometres westward, dividing Lesotho from South Africa. During apartheid, it divided a country where people were free to live where they liked from a country where they were treated as 'Blacks', and where they suffered accordingly, at every level. The sorrow of crossing this river surely refers to this history, but it might also simply refer to the fact that someone dearly loved lives permanently on the 'other' side. As a result, the overall mood of the music is rather sad, and the work is written in several contrasting sections of which only the first can be heard in the audio sample below. A free mp3 file of the spoken Sesotho lyrics is available upon purchase of the work.
Duration: 2'48"


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