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Sa 'Mokotsane

Sa ’Mokotsane’ is a common expression in Sesotho to denote a serious and loud wailing, but this song cautions agains too much wailing and gives advice on being courageous in face of difficulties, not complaining, and being positive. It is therefore quite a cheerful song, although the way it reaches up to the high notes so suddenly in places might be a reference to crying out in anguish. The word ‘thuso’ (help) features prominently and to a lesser extent the word, ‘tsepo’ (hope). Thuso and Tsepo are the names of Moerane's son and grandson (Thuso's son), respectively, and so this might possibly provide a clue to the year in which the work was written, the year in which Tsepo was born, 1961. Thuso had many sufferings during the 1950s, 60s and 70s, all of which he faced stoically.
Duration 1'12"


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