Satane A Tšeha (Le Joe-leputsoa)

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K.E. Ntsane’s poem was written during the era of apartheid in South Africa and is about the menace and danger involved for people from Lesotho when they crossed the Mohokare/Caledon River, the border between Lesotho (and independent country not subject to apartheid laws) and South Africa. He calls South African border guards ‘laughing devils’ because they joke about the language of Africans from Lesotho - Sesotho - who are heading for ‘Le Joe-leputsoa’ (Johannesburg). They had to cross, however, to seek work, since Lesotho was (and remains) such a poor country. Despite the ominous text, Moerane sets Ntsane’s poem to music of a popular, cheerful and ‘entertaining’ kind, albeit with some sombre moments.