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Ngeloi La Me

This song for female voices draws on words by Lesotho poet, Kemuel Edward Ntsane (1920-1983). It is about the homesickness felt by people from Lesotho when they cross the borders of the country, either to seek work in South Africa, or (during political unrest) to go into exile in neighbouring African countries. The Caledon River (Mohokare) is the main boundary between Lesotho and South Africa, witness to the many sorrows faced by people leaving their homes behind. Moerane makes poignant use of phrasing, modulations, and rapid changes of mood and texture in order to mirror this poem of nostalgia for home, the place where 'my angel' (ngeloi la me), my mother, lives. A free mp3 download of the spoken Sesotho lyrics is available upon purchase of the work.
Duration: 3'02"


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