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Mohokare is about two great natural landmarks of Lesotho: the Mohokare (or Caledon River as it is called in South Africa), and the Maloti (or Drakensberg mountains). K.E. Ntsane’s poem focuses on the source of the river high up in the terrifying mountain peaks, while the music reflects the Mohokare lower down, gently meandering along the border between Lesotho and South Africa. This is a highly disputed border, politically, and the words speak to something ancient bred in darkness that eventually devours people and cattle, a powerful metaphor for both natural and human forces. Moerane wrote the song while he was working at Peka High School in northern Lesotho, which is situated very close to the the river, alongside which he often used to walk. The spoken Sesotho lyrics are available as a free mp3 on purchase of the score.
Duration: 3'22"


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