Mokhotlong (Mokhotlong)

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Soweto Teachers Choir, leader J. Mazibuko. SABC LP no. not given, date 1980, digitized 2002 on SABC CDT2163, Trk. 11. Composed in 1972 and published in 1976, this SATB song has a stately 3+3+2 meter that refers to a regional dance style called ‘seakhi’ and is about the town of Mokhotlong, nestled in the mountains not far from where the composer was born.

We who were born in Mokhotlong are proud of and love our home, Mokhotlong. This is the peak of South Africa, with mountains like Mont-aux-Sources. The beauty of the place is a source of wonder and admiration. Mokhotlong, our home. (JPM) Mokhotlong, the top of the water supply of South Africa is there in its precipices. It takes us there with spiritual wings. We go to Tšehla ea malimo and Chesetsi. The beauty of the countryside is truly amazing. Yes, look, there is Sekoka; go and admire Phofung and others; as for Thabana- Ntlenyane, admire it much. Do not go past Sasol, at Lake Terai. Mokhotlong, spread your beautiful wings, with your head in the sky. Mokhotlong, the centre of Liphamola, our home is lovable. (MM-S)