Chao (Chao dance)

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Morija Training College Choir, cond. not specified. ILAM 78 r.p.m. Shellac record no. TP3429, master no. 1091, 1936/37, copied 1946. This 1937 song for SAATB (TTTBB) depicts a modern Basotho dance accompanied by singing and whistle- blowing (‘phirrr-ri!’).

Take the step accordingly or properly, because this is a type of dance. It is our habit together with our children, to just play or dance like a child when the whistles are blown like this: po, po, po. We dance according to their tempo, with everybody, together with our ancestors. Listen, please oh listen, phirrr-ri! Look at something marvellous or beautiful, these whistles with their melody; it is a wonderful thing (sound of the whistles), wonderful! (JPM)