Ei, ei (There, there)

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Orlando Methodist Church Choir, cond. Thabo Motaung. SABC LP no. not given, date 1980, digitized 1997 on SABC CDT904, Trk. 5. This 1935 lullaby for SATB mimics a sentimental Victorian cradle-song, with some rather surprising dissonances.

There, there, stop crying, little boy, stop crying, please, hey, don’t cry, please. There, hey, stop crying please, little boy, stop crying, please, don’t cry. Cry baby, you cry too much; you are even sobbing. Hush, wipe the tears. A man is a sheep, he doesn’t cry. Ha, ha, ha, you are laughing; ha, ha, you are happy. When you giggle you are adorable. When you cry you are very ugly. (MM-S)