Liphala (Horns)

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gina Mundi Choir, cond. Jabulani Mazibuko. SABC LP no. not given, date 1981, digitized 1997 on SABC CDT669, Trk. 6. This is one of four songs from 1951 in which Mohapeloa claims a new direction for his work, eschewing traditionalism and embracing a new African modernity. ‘Liphala’ could mean whistles, pipes, bugles, trumpets, or horns - instruments used to summon people.

Listen to those horns. They are inviting you who are still arriving here at this school. It is a school of happiness. The horns are telling everybody to be happy. (JPM) They sound like that so that people can rejoice. These horns, to us, when the sound enters the ear it reminds us of endless happiness. Happiness and joy are there at the end. (MM-S)