Moshoeshoe tsoha (Moshoeshoe, arise)

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Itlotliseng Secondary Choir, Witzieshoek, leader L. Ramathe. SABC LP no. not given, date 1980, digitized 2003 on SABC CDT2162, Trk. 5. This work, which invokes the spirit of King Moshoeshoe I, revered founder of the Basotho nation, was sung by a 300-voice choir during Lesotho’s Independence celebrations in 1966. Mohapeloa favoured it over other songs he wrote ‘because of the ‘very African touch in its beat’.

Moshoeshoe, arise! Mighty Warrior, arise! Address the crowds here gathered. Pray, why are you thus silent? To what end is this strange reticence? Speak, oh revered one, for we listen. Indeed he does address us, in that he was wont to say, ‘Peaceful negotiation begets security; peace means plenty’. Moshoeshoe, arise! Mighty Warrior, arise! And witness the change that time has wrought. (JPM) The beautiful seed; yes, your beautiful seed of the oneness of the nation, in our hearts it still exists. We have also your seed of strength for building the country and enriching it. There, then, the tears that drop, the drips of sweat that trickle: let them water the seed so it buds and becomes multitudes, forests of richness. Moshoeshoe, provide for us, share, please, your courage, strength, so that we can complete our work. (MM-S)