Moea oa Leboea (The North wind)

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Meadowlands N.G. Kerkkoor, leader Z. Moloi. SABC LP no. LP LT4069 or 4071, date c.1990, digitized 1996 on SABC CDT426, Trk. 7. Published in 1949, this SATB song suggests the close-harmony vocal style of the 1940s and 50s.

North wind, rain-source, come, come and thrash the passes. Go through Makheka, the Pass of Liphofu! Bringer of Spring, come carrying lots of fog. The clouds should make a shadow. The horse smells something like the mud of rain. There the old frog exclaims; he shouts and says the rain is coming! Rain-source, come, come, renew the land, decorate it with springs and greenery until a person’s heart is happy! Make thick showers of rain! Blow, rain-source; wander about, Spring-spreader (MM-S).