Quthing (Quthing)

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Hlotse PEMS Church Choir, cond. not specified. SABC LP no. not given, date 1990 although it sounds much earlier, hence the song’s position on this CD. Digitized 2002 on SABC CDT1990, Trk. 1. Composed in 1946 and first published in 1963, this SATB song is one of many Mohapeloa wrote about nature, towns, or regions in Lesotho.

Quthing, crest of the Baphuthi, is at the top of the mountain in the southern highlands of the country, on top of a plateau like a bee climbing on a flower, or a duck avoiding the lake water. I cannot forget Quthing. The sadness is eating me up. My tears gather when I remember my home at Nkuebe while I am far away in foreign lands. (MM-S)