U ea kae?

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Morija Training College Choir, cond. B. Mashologu. ILAM 78 r.p.m. Shellac record no. CR3031, master no. 1084, recording no. GE141, 1936/37, copied 1951. This SATB song (sung TTBB) is partly based on a traditional song about threshing corn. Mohapeloa set it in Taung in the south central Lowlands of Lesotho, home to his ancestral clan, BaTaung. It was published in 1935 (revised 1965) and became his most popular song.

Take your bag, let us go over to Taung, take your knob-stick, let us go to Taung, take your knobkierie, let us go there to Taung, Moletsane’s place, so we can see how they thresh sorghum. The young boys carry their knobkieries, they thrash about and show off. Hey, where are you going? When you go that way, where are you going, without a knobkierie? You do not even have a knobkierie. Here you live from such a stick. Yes, you make your living from a knobkierie. Here at Taung, at Moletsane’s place. As for us, we have brought them. (Humming.) (MM-S)