Methaka [Methaka, emang]

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Methaka, emang (Friends, stand up). Morija Training College Choir, conductor not specified. Listed by ILAM as Methaka on 78 r.p.m. Shellac record no. TP3431, master no. 1081, 1936/37, copied 1946. This bittersweet SAATB (here TTTBB) song from 1935 tells of a commonplace event in Lesotho: farewells between young people who are (probably) going off to seek work and friends who are left behind.

Friends, stand up, sing with us, and let us rejoice together. Make a noise so loud even the deaf would hear, the mute would shout in answer! We greet our age-mates, we greet our friends, we say go well, beloved age-mates. We say many greetings. We say all this with pleasant hearts. But even amid such joy, we are unable to stop our tears, when we remember the days gone past, and today’s separation. (MM-S)