Tsohang (Wake up)

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Morija Training College Choir, cond. not specified. Listed by ILAM as Mosebetsi on 78 r.p.m. Shellac record no. TP3430, master no. listed as 1032 but probably 1082, 1936/37, copied 1946. This SATB (TTBB) ‘marching’ song exhorts people to enjoy the morning and get to school/work. ‘Tsohang’ also means ‘rise up’ and Mohapeloa captured the more political connotation of this in other songs.

The sun is rising over the top of the mountains. Smoke hovers over the fields where the bird-scarers [human scarecrows] are. Wake up, hey, stop sleeping. Each day is important, be ready for work. You should all enjoy it. It suits you. Work takes care of loneliness. Work: it pays. (MM-S)