Coronation march

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Quthing Evangelical Musical Society, cond. not specified. SABC LP no. LT3947, c.1980, digitized 2001 on SABC CDT1949, Trk. 9. One of few songs Mohapeloa wrote to English words, supplied by a ‘Miss Bull’, this SATB song from 1937 marked the coronation of George VI. Mohapeloa later changed the lyrics to honour Elizabeth II, crowned in 1953 - the version heard here. Later he adapted it to a Sesotho text as Lesotho lefa la rōna (Lesotho our inheritance).

Come, and with music sweet and strong, make this a day of joy and song; with all the nations the world round, that in her Empire may be found, let us with hearts and voices sing in honour of our new-crowned Queen. Far, far from us in England’s land, the eager thousands waiting stand. As their rejoicing eyes behold the gracious Queen and her consort, we cannot see them but we meet with joy and song our Queen to hail. We of this land, where mountains lift their peaks on high, would add our gift. We cannot bring the wealth or powers of people greater far than ours, yet none with truer fervour sing, ‘God save and bless our new-crowned Queen!’