Thoko ea maAfrika (Praise song for Africans)

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Sharpeville Methodist Church Choir, cond. N.G. Ramasia. SABC LP no. and date not given, digitized 2002 on SABC CDT2106, Trk. 10. This song in which British and Basotho royalty are jointly invoked, draws on the idea of a praise poem. Published in 1947 it refers to the lion, which as well as being one of the two animals on the British royal crest is also the totem animal of BaTaung, Mohapeloa’s people.

The praise is of [or from] Africans. They praise the king who lives overseas. The Africans sing out and say, ‘This king is a lion; he scolds, the carnivore’. Then peace prevails here in Africa. The chief is overseas. King, long may you live; govern us. To you, chief, we say ‘Peace, spread your wings over us’. We say to you, lion, ‘Speak as our chiefs, our princes, help us let peace emerge amongst us’. (MM-S)