Qeu! qeu! majoana (‘Knock, knock’, say the stones!)

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Nomathiya High Choir, Matubatuba, cond. Phembalipi Dlamini. SABC LP no. not given, date 1984, digitized 1999 on SABC CDT1088, Trk. 1. This entertainment song from the 1930s is full of ‘qeu’ (the onomatopoeic word, ‘knock), with its Sesotho palatal click ‘q’ denoting the sound of the stones that children are playing games with.

‘Knock, knock’ say the stones! We were playing. Sorry, brother, stop crying! We were playing, and you just cried. Please stop crying. ‘Knock’, hey man, please stop crying, I did not see you, we were playing, and you just cried. If only you could stop crying! Bru, stop crying, ‘knock, knock ...!’ (MM-S)