Hook, haneu (Stop, stop!)

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Bonamelo Adult Choir, cond. M.P. Pule. SABC digital recording 1990, recorded live during the Old Mutual Music Festival, Standard Bank Arena, Johannesburg, 8-9 Dec, 1990, stored 1990 on SABC CDT314, Trk. 6. This SATB song published in 1939 is in syncopated close harmony, a tight-textured rhythmic song that depicts the cliff-hanging ride of high-spirited young men driving a horse-cart. The excitement whips up the audience at the end, on this live recording.

These are the cart horses. They are well bred horses, 'hook, haneeu’, (stop, stop). Take your time boys (Don’t be in a hurry). Move aside, we want to show you, hook, haneu, How are these children? (What type of children are these!) These are the cart horses. They are well- bred horses, they are trotting, and there’s no time wasted. We only hear the sound of the hooves. They are trotting, and even mad or wild, yes, listen! It is the real horses. Take your time, boys, SLOWLY, Slow, slowly and relax. (JPM)