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The word ‘ntsoaki’ in Sotho culture refers to the birth of a girl after several boys, and it means 'one who mixes'. The word can also be used as a proper name, 'Ntsoaki'. In this song, Moerane used verses 1 and 2 of a poem by Sesotho poet ’Mabasiea Jeannette Mahalefele, published in 1971, and so it is possible that the song might date from the early 1970s. Only 22 bars long, it is in a flowing 5/4 metre, unusually for Moerane, and its sweetness partly derives from the way Moerane blends the lower registers of the three female voices so well. The spoken Sesotho lyrics are available for this song when it is purchased, as an mp3 file, to help with pronunciation.
Duration: 1'21"


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