A re eeng (Let’s go)

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Evangelical Lutheran Church Choir, Orlando West, leader Z.K. Mokoena. SABC LP no. not given, date 1980, digitized 2002 on SABC on CDT2163, Trk. 3. From Maseru, capital of Lesotho, the train takes two days to reach ‘Gaudeng’ - place of gold, i.e. Johannesburg. The poignancy in this chirpy SATB song from 1937 is that the passengers were mainly migrant workers, destined for the mines.

Let us go, my people, we have to go to the big city of Jo’burg. The time favours us. Tomorrow morning we shall be in Jo’burg. Come, let us go my children, let’s leave Bloemfontein, leave the veld of Phutha, and move to the other side of the Vaal River. Come, let us go my children. We have already left our home Maseru. Here now, is the Johannesburg area. (JPM)