variations for solo violin on b-a-c-h


Surendran Reddy Performing Edition

variations for solo violin on b-a-c-h is undated but looks similar to other works Reddy wrote based on J.S. Bach’s surname, while he was a student at the Royal College of Music. There is only one source, written on four pages of paper torn from a music manuscript book. Judging from the paper and the handwriting – and the very old London telephone number at the top of page 3 – it could date from c1979. The surviving score combines a sketch of ideas towards a serial work using the four letters B-flat-A-C-B-natural with completed bars of workings-out of a tone row. Some of the bars are numbered, and it is possible for scholars or even performers to reconstruct how the piece might be developed had Reddy worked further on it. There are three numbered pages and a double bar on page 3 suggesting that it ends there, but another page of further working out exists, which is included here as page 4. This is Reddy’s only work for solo violin.