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twelve songs for viola and piano (1980-82)

Reddy describes in a programme note for a performance of some of these works (begun in 1980 and completed in 1982) that they are called ''"Songs" because they were originally conceived as lyrical effusions for the piano treated as an expressive voice'. The whole programme note is included at the end of the score, although it only sheds light on Songs 1-2 and 10-12 which are for piano, while nos. 3-9 are for viola and piano. They were written for two fellow students to whom Reddy was very close during his studies at Kings College, London University: violist Anne ? and composer-pianist Keith Burston. Despite their purely 'expressive' origins, the 12 are carefully worked out as a set, with proportional relationships between each song and the whole set, and between duration and pitch, somewhat cryptically laid out in the 'Ordinal Distribution' hints given after Song 3 and the chart after Song 9.


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twelve songs for viola and piano

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