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fugue on B-A-C-H for piano (c1979)

The work as an interesting essay in Reddy's early contrapuntal style as well as another testimony to his life-long love of Bach. The 4-note motif B-flat, A, C, B-natural dominates the work. It consists of a four-page autograph draft plus a photocopy of p. 1 of a fair copy; these are the only pages of the work to survive, although it is complete. This edition presents the draft as the facsimile score, with the extra page of fair copy at the end. The work is a short exercise in fugal and canonic writing, ‘Dedicated with humble reverence to J.S. Bach, whom I love’, as the composer writes at the top of the fair copy. It is undated, but seems to belong together with similar works that Reddy wrote around 1979 when he was a student at the Royal College of Music, London.


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