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The words of this stirring love song are adapted from a poem by the well-known Lesotho writer and younger contemporary of Moerane, Bennett Makalo Khaketla (1913-2000). The simple, timeless message is, ‘love is a disease that can affect anyone, even a king’. The poem may have come from Khaketla’s Lipshamathe (originally published c1950), the same collection from which Moerane chose the text for another song, Monyaka Oa Pelo. Nothing is known about when or where 'Mitsa-Mahosi was composed, however. 'Lerato, boloetse, mohloka-lipheko' - 'Love is a disease that cannot be cured', says the poet, 'Mahosi, ’mitsa-mahosi, shoeshoe!' - A wild marigold that attracts even kings!' And to attract you to this beautiful song, a free download of the spoken lyrics, to help with pronunciation, is included with the purchase!
Duration: 2'26"


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Thuso Moerane private collection, Queenstown, South Africa
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