Barali Ba Jerusalema

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Moerane adapted verses from the Old Testament 'Song of Songs' for this mellifluous, chromatic choral setting. In Lesotho, Barali Ba Jerusalema has been known since 1968 or 1969 when it was first prescribed as a competition piece for school choirs. In South Africa, it was only discovered in the Library of the royalty agency, the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) in the late 1990s, although it must have been there all along, together with many other scores by Moerane, who was a SAMRO member. His music wonderfully exploits the powerful hidden meanings in the lyrics, especially in phrase such as, 'I am black but beautiful', reminding us that Moerane was a Pan Africanist and that the work was written at the height of apartheid in South Africa.