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This is an intense, impassioned work. Moerane’s text was clearly inspired by W.B. Yeats’ poem, ‘He wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’ (1899), although his lyrics are much darker in tone. The harmonic language is Wagnerian (the ‘Tristan’ motif is even quoted), and at times also expressionist, in its chromatically dissonant sense of yearning. The central section contrasts in key, tonal freedom and rhythmic style with the outer two and begins with an extended hemiola, like the second theme in the finale of Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A Minor. The vocal writing is unlike anything else Moerane wrote, bordering on the instrumental. It could almost be a string quartet. Moerane's lyrics are available as a free download - spoken in Sesotho - in order to assist choirs with pronunciation.
Duration: 1'28"


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