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Monyaka Oa Pelo

The song is based on a beautiful love poem in rhyming verse by Bennett Makalo Khaketla (1913-2000), the Lesotho writer and politician whose words Moerane used in several of his compositions. It provides an interesting example of how Moerane adapted poetry to his musical needs. He halves the length of the two verses of Khaketla's seven-verse poem, in this case, and repeats certain words, in the course of 75 bars of music filled with engaging rhythms, interesting melodic phrases, and chromatically inflected harmonies that exude the joyfulness of young love, eschewing completely the darker tone of the last line of the lyrics. The Sesotho is available as a free download on mp3 when the score is purchased, and Khaketla's two stanzas are given on the back page of the score (critical commentary).
Duration: 2'17"


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