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fugue in c major (c1979)

Only two pages exist inside the paper folder labelled by Reddy ‘fugue in c major for piano’, which he made later in life when he was organising all his early works into folders. He was in the habit of writing his early manuscript works as sketches, then writing a complete first draft, and then making a fair copy of the draft once it was finalised. The first page of fugue in c major is written in blue ink, which he often reserved for a fair copy, while page 2 is in black ink, which he often used for drafts. However, p. 2 also looks like a fair copy, except for one correction. Although there is no double bar-line after the last bar, the final three quavers are clearly a cadence in C major and this has been assumed to be the end of the work.
Neither the manuscript nor the folder is dated, but from the kind of paper used, the handwriting, and the focus on contrapuntal writing in 18th-century style - not to mention the atonal harmonies on p.2 - it must belong with a group of other works composed around 1979, when Reddy was a student at the Royal College of Music, London.


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