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sonata for piano (1979)

Reddy completed sonata for piano early in 1979 when he was a student at the Royal College of Music, London, where he studied composition with Anthony Milner. He played the work several times in concerts in England, South Africa, and Zimbabwe between 1979 and 1985, during the course of which several recordings. One of these, made in 1982 in Durban, is given below. The original manuscript is lost and all that has survived is a not very clear photocopy of it, pasted into one of Reddy's performance books - A4 hardback books from which he played his works in concert. This 20-page score is however missing pages 3-4 and 8, which have been reconstructed from recordings, and the whole sonata typeset, for this new performing edition of his music.  The work is a Webernesque serial composition in three movements, according to Reddy, meant to be played without a break and using consecutive bar numbering. An Allegretto in sonata form is followed by a long a Theme and Variations that incorporates within it a mini slow movement (Var. 5a), a Trio and Scherzo (Var. 6), and two short Intermezzi at the end; and the third movement is a 'fugue in three voice groups', written on three staves.


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sonata for piano (1979)

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