song (1982) (no. 2 of four piano pieces)

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The score of ‘song’ for solo piano has survived in three versions, all of them in manuscript: a photocopy of an original autograph of the first 13 bars; an autograph of the whole piece dated July 1982 and dedicated ‘to my darling Keith’ - Keith Burston, Reddy’s closest friend at the Royal College of Music while he was studying there; and another autograph but without the dedication. Judging from the dried sellotape at the corners of this last version it was pasted into one of the performing books Reddy often played from during these years. The ‘Keith Burston’ version is a fair copy of four pages, the last dated July 1982, and is used for this performing edition. It has ‘short cut’ notation, and the way these bars are indicated foreshadows some of the passages in Reddy’s later piano works where the soloist is expected to improvise.