nocturne (1983) (no. 3 of four piano pieces)

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As can be seen from the sample, this is quite a provisional score. It is an autograph, handwritten, but had obviously not yet been written out by Reddy in the usually immaculate handwriting he used for fair copies. No such fair copy exists, thus it may be regarded as work in progress although it is complete as a piece. Reddy performed it once or twice, playing it almost by heart and therefore not writing out repeated bars.

Even the tile is somewhat provisional, for at the top of the score he writes ‘Nocturne/Song’, but in later life Reddy collected together the various fragments or versions of this piece in a paper file entitled ‘Photocopies & autograph score of Nocturne’, and the title was fixed, perhaps because he realised ‘Song’ would have caused confusion with the 2nd of the four piano pieces. The file contains a complete autograph score (1) in blue pen and an incomplete photocopy of this autograph minus page 1 (2), which combines pages 2 and 3 of autograph 1. This is how the work is presented here, using autograph (1) with the two half-pages combined into one, making 4 pages in all.