Molelekeng (Molelekeng)

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Sung at the Massed Choir Festival in 2001 (no choir/cond. details), recorded live, stored 2003 on SABC CDT2324, Trk. 8. This popular SATB song from 1951 sung here at a ‘new South Africa’ nation-building event, was sometimes sung in the 1980s at protest meetings, a hint at how strongly African songs are lodged in the memory of those who knew them, re-emerging on any occasion. The ambiguous ending of Molelekeng’s text also serves to remind us of the relationship all the songs on this CD have to an intangible African heritage, mysterious in Mohapeloa’s day, and now even more veiled.

I look at the lilies in summer during the month of December when they swing, and shake. It reminds me of my sibling, Molelekeng, of her good looks when she walks around. She is a beautiful child, wonder of the well of Litshepe, a beauty, my younger sister, mother’s Molelekeng. Beautiful flower of Molumong, I miss you, younger sister, Molelekeng while you are far away in a foreign place. Oh, my younger sister, this horned cow brought me trouble! (MM-S)