Tšaba-tšaba (Watch out!)

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Imilonji Kantu Choir, cond. George Mxadana. SABC LP no. LT 20876/77 (1985) or LT 23464/5 (1990), digitized on CDT339, Trk. 6, undated. The phrase ‘tšaba-tšaba’ (pron. ‘tshaba-tshaba’) means ‘watch out!’ and the way dancers bumped into each other in a popular 1930s dance style gave the dance this nickname. Mohapeloa references both dance and warning - with the English phrase, ‘apply brakes!’ - in this 1951 song for SATB.

Children of Africa, make the most of education. Don’t waste time doing the tšaba-tšaba, apply brakes! (JPM) Don’t play, children, study, because education is life! (MM-S)