i’m dreaming of a white christmas (Berlin arr. Reddy) (1986)

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A hand-written autograph of Reddy’s arrangement of Irving Berlin’s tune is the only source of this piano solo arrangement, written in December 1986 at the end of Reddy first year as repetiteur and composer for the Natal Performing Arts Council (NAPAC) ballet company in Durban. Some of the improvisatory flourishes between main notes of the melody, however, are so small and so cramped that they are a little hard to read. The Editor has therefore made a more spread-out Sibelius version of the work, although it may not be perfect in every detail and she would welcome feedback and corrections via the Contacts page of this website. As with other earlier pieces, this one, too, has gaps where Reddy ‘the performer’ clearly improvised or repeated passages, and it is up to today’s performer to decide how she interprets these. A recording by Reddy elsewhere on this website shows how he did. Significantly, this is the last piece Reddy wrote in his ‘pre-jazz era’, and although from its title it looks like a new direction, it is also a culmination of the tendency Reddy increasingly had in his early works to notate provisionally and leave more and more up to the performer(s).