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Vumani KuYehova

Moerane subtitled this work, ‘Anthem’, which could mean that it was written for a special occasion at his school or church. The words are loosely adapted from Psalm 105 of the Old Testament ‘Book of Psalms’. Moerane's setting is celebratory, with distinct inflections of Handel in the short, declamatory phrases, sequences, fanfare-like motifs, and use of Sarabande metre. There is also the hint of a quote from Handel's aria, ‘Lascia ch’io pianga’. The text is in isiXhosa, the language of the Eastern Cape region of South Africa where Moerane was born, and in order to help choirs to pronounce it, the spoken lyrics are available as a free mp3 download when the song is purchased.
Duration 1'35"


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