Thesele E Mocha

(The New Thesele)


Dual notation (staff & tonic solfa), Staff notation
choir SATB
Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa Critical Edition

‘Thesele e Mocha’ extends the idea of an independent nation arising in the aftermath of WWII that is suggested in the previous patriotic song, ‘Lesotho’, by invoking the 19th-century founder of the Basotho nation, King Moshoeshoe I to help build the ‘new nation’. Moshoeshoe was a powerful historical force during his lifetime and remains to this day a symbol of national pride and strength, because of his legendary courage, wisdom and diplomacy in the face of great difficulties. He had various clan names, one of the most important of which was Thesele, a name that became synonymous with the country itself, as in this song. In 1947 when it was published, many nations re-examined themselves, questioned where they come from and where they were going, in advance of forming strong independence movements. This included reaffirming the importance of their founding father. Evoking the cultural values embedded in his clan names and totem animals was one way of expressing this in song.