spring (buck) sonata (in simple ‘rug beat’ time)

spring (buck) sonata (in simple 'rug beat' time)


Catalogue No
SR 048
Surendran Reddy Performing Edition

The title of this very short piano piece – and the brackets are Reddy’s – refers to the Springboks, the national team of that great South African sport, rugby. It also alludes to Beethoven’s ‘Spring Sonata’ and probably other things, too. Andre Human is a legendary Springbok player, now coach, and the fact that his name is given as composer in the top right-hand corner of the only surviving version of the 2-page score suggests that he wrote the piece as a composition exercise. Alternatively, Reddy might have written the piece imagining how Human may have composed it. Either way, it is unlike anything in Reddy’s usual style. And it is in ‘simple’ time, 2/4, at least at the beginning and the end. The printout dates from around 1991, and the ACE score reproduces the two pages exactly as they are.