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Mohahlaula is one of a fairly large genre within Mohapeloa’s oeuvre that expresses the loneliness of the exile, traveller or migrant. In Meloli II examples are ‘Ha Eso’ and ‘Jim, Motsoalle oa ka’; in Meloli I, ‘Methaka, Emang’ and ‘Palesa ea Bocha’. The migrant worker, far away from Lesotho on the mines of Johannesburg, imagines the Maluti mountains, the major mountain range that covers half of Lesotho and creates the border with South Africa to the east. Homesickness is often expressed in Mohapeloa’s work as longing to see those mountains. Another characteristic of his work is the poignant way his poetry addresses the journey, the road, the people for whom the traveller will work (‘my masters’) and the people left behind.



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