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masakane - let us build together (orchestral score 2021)

masakane - let us build together was to have formed ‘Part 3: Family and Ownership’ of a Human Rights Oratorio commissioned in 1996 by the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) for performance at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. The other commissions were from Peter Klatzow, Sipho (‘Hotstix’) Mabuse, Hans Roosenschoon, Denzil Weale, Carl van Wyk and Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph. The oratorio was never completed in its entirety and never performed. Reddy entitled his score Masakane - Let us build together and wrote and orchestrated it in April-May 1996 while living in Durban, Amman, and Konstanz. The words are based on the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ adopted by the United Nations in 1948 and the work is scored for Baritone solo, SATB choir and piano in the vocal score version. The orchestral version is scored for 2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl in A, 2 bn, 4 hns in F, 3 tpts in C, 3 trbs, timps, marimba, xylophone, synthesizer, strings. Reddy also made a live electronic version of this score in Johannesburg in 1996, notes for which can be seen on the sample page (page 1) of the full score.
Reddy originally wrote the orchestral score by hand, on manuscript paper. He typeset the vocal score in Sibelius in 2001, making a few minor changes, but not the orchestral score, which SAMRO typeset (together with the vocal score) in 2001. Since this full score is not an ACE publication, it cannot be sold here, but access to it online as a perusal score can be requested via the contact page on

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masakane - let us build together (orchestral score)

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