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Fatše La Heso orchestral score

Moerane composed Fatše La Heso in South Africa in 1941, for the completion of a Bachelor of Music degree through what was then Rhodes University College of the University of South Africa. He called it a 'symphonic poem' and subtitled it My Country, referring to Lesotho. The orchestration is late Romantic, the harmonic language is early Modernist, and the musical material is based on indigenous themes from Lesotho that Moerane quotes in his preface. They can be traced throughout the work. It is scored for full symphony orchestra including double woodwinds, 4 horns, triple brass, piano, harp, and percussion, and lasts approximately 10 minutes.
A full orchestral score and a set of 32 orchestral parts are available on this site. The set of parts is no. 451 in the publisher's catalogue, 002 in the composer's catalogue, ISMN 979-0-804007-31-2.
The featured image on the left shows page 1 of the full score, bars 1-8, while the sample under Resources below is from the beginning of one of the main tutti, bars 179-181 (Letter M).


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Fatše La Heso score sample - bars 179-181

Published score
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