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Terompeta ea Rōna

Terompeta ea Rōna (1976) celebrates the Sesotho language. In his early songs from the 1930s Mohapeloa claimed to compose music before words, but by the 1970s he seemed more concerned with text. In the ‘Seleleka’ (Preface) to the songbook Meluluetsa from which this song comes, he declared his intention is to "reinvigorate this Nation of Thesele" through language, and by "uncover[ing] the Basotho customs which were oppressed by foreign customs [he] tried to ‘Sothoize’ the music, ensuring that the melody of the song does not divert badly from the line of the speaking voice [and] by following Sesotho rhythm … using assimilation and consonants popular in authentic Sesotho music”.



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