suite freedom (audio track from CD)


Surendran Reddy Performing Edition

In 1994 Reddy recorded his first solo piano album, reddy, steady, go! subtitled ‘the ill-tempered keyboard’ with Jannie du Toit’s JNS Musiek, in Johannesburg. Reddy recorded four long tracks, each involving original composition, arrangement and improvisation and the music executed with pianistic virtuosity. Track 1 is homage to bach, track 2 from bach to the beatles, track 3 a little mozart a lot of webber and track 4 suite freedom. Reddy recorded the music directly in one take, and hence left no notated scores of these exact recordings, although it may be possible to transcribe them in the future.

Track 4, suite freedom, begins with a few snippets from Mozart’s works such as the slow movement of Piano Concerto No. 21 and the opening of Symphony No. 41, before playing a selection of themes from musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber which occupy most of the track, as the title implies. The music is similar to but not identical to the suite freedom score, sr042-ace341.

Duration: 14’53”