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Pesaleme ea 103

Mohapeloa wrote Pesaleme ea 103 in the 1930s, publishing it in Morija in 1939 as the twentieth of 32 songs in Meloli le Lithallere tsa Afrika ka J.P. Mohapeloa: Buka ea Bobeli [African Songs and Extemporary Harmonizations by J.P. Mohapeloa: Book II]. Mohapeloa continued numbering songs in Meloli II - his second songbook - from where his previous book, Meloli I ended; thus Pesaleme ea 103 is song No. 52 in Meloli II, not No. 20. In the first two editions the song was entitled Pesaleme, the ea 103 only added from the 1955 edition onwards. Mohapeloa adapts the first few lines of Old Testament Psalm 103 here, which at 22 verses would have been too long in any case, to suit his need for a simple prayerful song with no repeats. Like ‘Khanya’, the last song in Meloli I, the style is almost that of a hymn, but slightly more geared towards choral rather than congregational singing. The translation that Mohapeloa made in 1965 for the South African Broadcasting Service is rather free, and in the fist two lines he changed his mind a couple of times: ‘PraiseBless the Lord’, and ‘Praise my soulBless the Lord O my soul’.



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Pesaleme ea 103

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