logos for television

logos for television

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Surendran Reddy Performing Edition

Reddy composed about 26 logos or jingles for South African television stations, including the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and M-Net South Africa (M-Net). One was created for the SABC’s New Year’s Eve show in 1991, a show in which Reddy was musical director and in which his band Channel 18 featured. He wrote at least five for the SABC’s ‘Young Series’  (a youth series) in 1992: ‘Young Earthling’, ‘Young Artist’, ‘Young Winner’, ‘Young Explorer’ and ‘Young Reader’.

The largest number of logos and in many ways the most interesting are the 20 Reddy wrote for M-Net’s environmental / conservation series called ‘Into the Future Resourcefully’, which were produced by SASOL in 1990-91. These two-minute sketches featured brilliant South African mime actor Chris Goetsch presenting the pressing conservation issues of the day and Reddy’s music paralleling this. These mini films include ‘Air pollution’, ‘Litterbug’, ‘Save electric lights’, ‘Sun to dry washing’, ‘The fly’, ‘Save paper’, ‘Considerate smoker’, ‘Aerosol zone’, ‘The hunter’, ‘Fishing’, and ”Fridge’. Ironically, an article about SASOL in 2021 (thirty years on) somewhat undermines their laudable aims.

Reddy also wrote a logo pilot for a new television station in 1998.

The video links to all these logos will be available soon. The image of Chris Goetsch is a still taken from ‘The hunter’.