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Hook, Haneeu!

Small horse-drawn or donkey-drawn carts are a common sight in rural South Africa, especially the eastern Cape and Karoo hinterland, but are less common in Lesotho although horses are found all over Lesotho, and boys learn to ride them from a young age. Mohapeloa was a great rider and tamed wild horses when he was growing up in Molumong in the eastern highlands of Lesotho, as his brother recalls:

The horses from there were fat and wild. They had to be trapped and ridden without a saddle before they become used to the reigns. You had to ride the horse while the others were still holding it tight. The issue was being able to hold your legs around it (cling to it) before they let go, so that when it starts to jump you would be clinging to it already. Even so, a person had to be able to somersault when he sees that things are bad. Pulumo was able to do all of these



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Hook, Haneeu

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