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Ha Ke Balehē

Ha Ke Balehē is one of several songs whose text Moerane attributes to ‘Setsoto’, meaning that he has adapted the lyrics from a traditional source. The music is quite madrigalian at the start, however, as the cat formally and politely asks the mouse why it's running away. The text is a humourous Tom & Jerry dialogue: the cat is trying to trick the mouse into stopping to talk so that he can pounce on it, but the mouse doesn’t fall for this, repeating, ‘I’m not running away’ countless times as he runs and runs, breathlessly claiming (as he reaches safety) that he’s ‘just energetic’! The lyrics are fun: 'Hela! toeba, ema re bue; ke’ng ha u baleha ka mehla ha u mpona?' (Hey! mouse, stop, let’s talk; why do you always run away when you see me?), but they may be difficult for people unused to Sesotho to pronounce, and so there is a free MP3 of the spoken lyrics that comes with the work when it is purchased.
Duration: 1'53"


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