friends suite: a touch of clazz II


Surendran Reddy Performing Edition

Reddy’s suite of six pieces called friends suite: a touch of clazz II was composed in 2001 and followed the appearance of friends suite: a touch of clazz I in 2000. Each piece in the suite is dedicated to a different friend: forbidden wedding (for daniel), valse for marion and maurice, african journey (for mathias), berceuse (for marion), mayibuye – an african ballade (for hike), and african lullaby (for leanne). There is no complete ‘score’ as such of all six pieces, but only the separate recordings of each of them made in Konstanz in 2001. These can be heard by clicking the links above, or they can be downloaded at check-out. The obvious connection between both suites is the term ‘clazz’, which Reddy coined for his own particular crossover style and which characterise almost all his later pieces after the friends suites. The photograph on the right shows Reddy with some of his friends and students in Germany.