Ea Hlolang

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Ea Hlolang began life as hymn no. 122 in the Sesotho hymnal Lifela tsa Sione (Songs of Zion), which Moerane knew as a member of the Lesotho Evangelical Church. This hymnbook was first published in 1844 with many texts written by Lesotho missionaries and music drawn from composers of the day. The original tune for this hymn was composed by 19th-century French composer by Ignaz Pleyel. Moerane does not alter the four verses by Louis Duvoisin, which draw on the natural imagery of fountains, reeds, and palms found in the Bible, in order to bring a message of redemption through the triumph of eternal life over after death. Moerane's music is suitably triumphal and uplifting, written in simple 4-bar phrases, and perfect for congregational use.