Surendran Reddy Performing Edition

A performing edition of Surendran Reddy’s works (with many free recordings). View the Draft Catalogue of Works.

Surendran Reddy was a composer and pianist whose 100+ compositions represent a turbulent period in South Africa’s history, from the end of apartheid through the transitional 1990s to the post-apartheid 2000s. Trained as a classical pianist and harpsichordist, Reddy later became a jazz pianist, developing a crossover style that he called ‘clazz’, a style that relates to but is substantially unlike other fusion styles. His music often includes improvisatory passages. Reddy uses the township rhythms and harmonies of ‘mbaqanga’ and frequently quotes the African anthem ‘Nkosi Sikel’ i Afrika [God Bless Africa] and other tunes that were politically significant during 1980s and 90s South Africa.

Reddy’s works cover many genres – theatre music, dance, choral music, electronic music, chamber music and music for solo instruments – and several instruments: classical piano, jazz piano, organ, flute, clarinet, bassoon, voice, jazz ensemble, Indian tabla.

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